Virtuemart Apple Store Template

Virtuemart Apple shop Template provides spacious and creative effects to display products, turning it into a real version. The onsite space maximizes to showcase the products.


In the context Apple devices and applications have always ranked in the top of the most preferred stuff for truly hi-tech fans. As the result, the rising of Apple stores all over the world will be vitally necessary. Our CMsmart team, therefore, has not been hesitating to develop the Virtuemart Apple store Template inspired by the giant Apple’ store aiming at the emerging market. The template is distinctive and advanced with nice functionalities and a moderate price, fascinating you right from the start immediately.

The template contains exactly the same design as an Apple online store. The bar is displayed in a clean way and a lively menu without too much details supporting your customers simply to access to the specific pages.

Note: At this time our template is not responsive, we will update this funcion as soon as possible

Virtuemart Apple Store Template

MORE DETAILS:  Virtuemart Apple Store Template

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Virtuemart Game Store Template

Virtuemart Template Game Store mobilize gamer with user-friendly interface, smooth effects by using HTML5 & CSS 3 coming with free Quick View, Ajax Search, Quick Look and Delivery Date Virtuemart extensions.


Game store Virtuemart template brings out the hottest games in the world: Play Station 3 -4, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC to introduce to gamers. The template mobilizes users shopping experience with the integrated Quick View, Ajax Search, Quick Login and Delivery dates extensions.

Game Store Virtuemart template is designed specifically for gamers, with the most popular games such as Xbox One, PS4, PC, PS Vita, Wii U, highlighted under the main background colors as black, blue and white. Game Store Virtuemart template has a user-friendly interface, including with live actions, being implemented on sliders, hover effects, HTML 5 & CSS.

Top menu contains a number of drop-down categories blocks (games, deals, accessories, hardware, headsets…,etc). Game store has a main page slideshow to promote hot game events: Battlefield, Halo 4 War Game, Call of Duty. New products area is shown with a slider of the newest games, next and previous buttons to move slides for more games. Featured products, popular posts, gaming accessories, video gallery and banners are spreading over the game shop.

Game Store Virtuemart template has built with Quick View Virtuemart extension, Ajax Search Virtuemart plugin, Quick Login Virtuemart extension, free to use them with the template

Note: At this time our template is not responsive, we will update this funcion as soon as possible

Virtuemart Game Store Template

MORE DETAILS:  Virtuemart Game Store Template

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Virtuemart Homewares Template

Nowadays, thus many businesses come to locate e-commerce solutions that permit them get stick with to closer to different market shares. Interior business has been entered the online market for a times, however it hasn’t reached the targeted customers yet because of refresh way to approach customers.


CMSmart introduces you a really worth seeing template for “Home ware” business that can surely suit user’s needs. The template is the good combination of design and technologies that offers your store good-looking appearance, professional and tempting layout

Every beautiful pieces of Home ware template inspire dramatically online shoppers who love staying relaxed at home but still enjoy a nice and modern store with such a lot of convenient add-ons as homepage slideshow, quick login or product slider.

At the very first glimpse of the store, customer can catch the design concept of the template which is light, elegant and clean packed with gorgeous effects.

Virtuemart Homewares Template

MORE DETAILS:  Virtuemart Homewares Template

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Joomla Virtuemart Responsive Metro Shop Template

Virtuemart Metroshop template is one of the stylish templates worth being considered. The eye-catching design of white and orange is the main concept throughout the template that brings it a modern and inspirable appearance

banner-vm-metro shop

Virtuemart template Metroshop covers many artistic effects and various custom blocks make it be alluring for shopaholic. There are unmissable applications that bring the truly convenient experience for clients such as megamenu, slideshow, Zoom plugin, quick view, Ajax cart…

The Metro shop theme for Virtuemart convinces you by the appearance and content as well. It enables to optimize space to show different product ranges in the most effective way. Through useful applications, the template brings breath to every product so that your customer can get the true feeling of your website. It indirectly impacts on your bottom line, you will see.

Virtuemart Metro Shop Template

Note: At this time our template is not responsive, we will update this funcion as soon as possible

MORE DETAILS:  Joomla Virtuemart Responsive Metro Shop Template

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What we expect from Virtuemart Ajax Seach Pro Module

If you are looking for the best tool that optimizes the search on your Virtuemart platform, Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module will be your No.1 option.

As you may know, for any eCommerce platforms search tool is highly considered to serve shoppers and helps them save much time when visiting your site. This is the main reason explaining why you can see many modules compatible with each platform for your eCommerce business. It is also true in case of Virtuemart platform.


Is it necessary to install an optimization Search tool for your Virtuemart site?

Absolutely. As one of the latest trends of the eCommerce prediction of this year 2016; developers claim that Best User-Experience will be the main key for you to keep shoppers stay on your site and turn them into the loyal customers. In order to shop on any site quickly but effectively, everyone always intent to find the Search tool and get their wanted results. You invest to the Search Tool of your Virtuemart site means that you are getting user-experience better. Thus, when you install this module, you are keeping following the trend and continuously serve your customers in the most incredible way.


Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module insists its No1 position because it has a lot of outstanding features, making it stand out among any competitors’ products. Just take some minutes you will have an exact answer for this.


  • Keyword Search is the most effective way for customers to find out their items when surfing on your site. This module offers you this powerful tool with Ajax – an awesome technology. Thus, customers do not need to wait for the whole Virtuemart page to reload and see their results.
  • The keyword should obtain 3 characters and when shoppers add keyword to the search box, all products with the same keywords will be displayed in an order and have photo thumbnails as well as Prices.
  • You are totally able to set a number of search results to be shown in case your store has so many products in the same keywords.


What Ajax Search Pro module gives your customers?

  • Ability to find products based on Keyword Search easily
  • More time to shop your store because the NewAjax Empowered technology reduces the time to reload the whole Virtuemart page while showing the search results faster.


There are many options to select, why the last must be Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module? The outstanding features listed above answer this question. More importantly, this product is created and developed by CMSmart which provides a various number of high-quality products for Web-store owners and developers. With their product, you can make sure of the easy configuration as well as customization, let alone installation through the detailed documentation, Live Demo, Product Video and above all, the enthusiastic Customer Support of the professional team. Now, check the demo for your real experience.

MORE DETAILS:  Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module

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Virtuemart Handmade Shop Template

Virtuemart Handmade Shop Template  a latest Virtuemart Template built especially for handmade shops which sell handmade stuffs such as clothes, jewelry, toys,…

banner - handmade

You tortured to build an handsome interface for your online shop but you dont know how to code or the outsourcing proceed is too high? Here comes the modify for you: Installing Virtuemart Handmade Shop Template for your Virtuemart website, it will solve all of your problems. With an elegant-looking layout, it will make your customers environment definitely pleasurable even if shopping  which is an important factor to boost sales revenue.

Virtuemart Handmade Shop Template is built subsequently than the latest features of CSS3 and HTML5. It is compatible in the past most of the browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari. The template in addition to has many powerful features that make it to be more convenient as below:


More Features:

– Multiple Languages and Currencies: Easy to translate or install new language and currency

– Optimized for Search Engine: Useful code elements and optimized for SEO

– Newsletter Subscribe: Subscribe Newsletter module

– Social Media buttons: Customers can totaling your social media accounts by clicking the buttons

– Easy to install Sample Data: Get your website once demo just in a few minutes

Note: You can get your hands on Virtuemart Mobile Theme separately to make the template open.

MORE DETAILS:  Virtuemart Handmade Shop Template

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Multipurpose Responsive Joomla Template – SJ Fashion Store

SJ Fashion Store is a luxury lithe template made for Joomla! 2.5. What made SJ Fashion this mannerism: using shining design subsequently than glossy background and built-in unconditionally cool buzzing effects.

banner - Fashion Store

SJ Fashion Store is a luxury sprightly template made forJoomla! 2.5.What made SJ Fashion this mannerism: using radiant design as soon as glossy background and built-in every single one cool lively effects. By playing to the lead as regards-designed C-Panel, you can fiddle gone than this template easily right in stomach-decline to absorb the audience attention by showing galleries and collections based coarsely photos and videos.

Powered byYT Framework as going on to time-fortunate, but as soon as alert layout, this template is a giant leap compared to our SJ Model since. This is not a replacement for previous one, comprehensibly each has its own advantage; however by having optimized for both mobile and PC Websites, this is a valuable attempt. Integrated once VM component, SJ Fashion Storeis comfortable for mobile e-commerce experiences.

SJ Fashion Store can be used for fashion collections in the sky of tall-brand products of shoes, watches, clothes… considering broad range of custom fields relating to fashion stuff, namely, in accumulate, sale and discount price, supplementary photos and videos…

The powerful Joomla template framework – YT FRAMEWORK V2 is gymnastic encourage on Bootstrap3 at core. You can easily customize most of SJ Fashion Store parameters without much coding knowledge.

SJ Fashion Store is built be sufficiently nimble and ready to display concerning any table and mobile devices.

SJ Fashion Store is designed gone 5 Preset Color Styles: Black, Red, Blue, Brown and Pink. Besides, this template gives you the full run in customizing color schemes in in the to come-cease. You can with certainly fine-expose your color for all params: body, header, spotlight, footer… by using c-Panel.

Mega menu is a magic menu for the eCommerce template. With our mega menu, you can mount taking place multi-category, multi-product taking into account excuse, image, video, effects… or even static blocks, additional module

Our design brings you a fabulous feature – Powerful Slideshow, that upholding going on you to emphasis your recommended items. These items will be presented subsequent to necessary information: images, titles, brief descriptions, detail partner just nearly nice effects.

There’s a products slider for you to do something your emphasize products just about the homepage.

It is definitely convenient that you can the the large image of products by zoom image inconsistent.

In SJ Fashion Store, Contact Form is set in the mega menu, that users just way to hover regarding and engross the form.

Main Features
Fully compatible considering IE8+, Firefox 2+, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5, Chrome
Support RTL / LTR language
Allow to set site title, logo and slogan
Support all PC and Mobile screens, by Responsive layout
Support Cpanel for changing Site Styles, Fonts, Direction and Reset instantly
Support 5 Site Styles: Red (default), Pink, Blue, Brown and Black
Support 14 Font Family as adeptly as various Google Fonts
Support 4 types of menu: Moo Menu, CSS Menu, Dropline Menu and Mega Menu
Allow to set JavaScript for Menus, set begin/fade away level and Keep on severity
Allow to share going on front OR conceal Main Content block, together surrounded by options for showing images
Support many extensions: SJ Basic News, SJ VM Slider, SJ VM Slideshow Responsive, SJ Article Slider Responsive, SJ Module Tabs, SJ VirtueMart, SJ Accordion Menu; Yt Plugin, SJ Content Related News, SJ Mega Popup; VM component
Support Module Variations, set style for each module
Use Lazy Load for handling large images
W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional Valid; Optimize CSS/JS/HTML/Merge File
100% tableless design, based upon CSS3
Support added Typography + PSD file

DETAILS:  Multipurpose Responsive Joomla Template – SJ Fashion Store

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