Virtuemart Game Store Template

Virtuemart Template Game Store mobilize gamer with user-friendly interface, smooth effects by using HTML5 & CSS 3 coming with free Quick View, Ajax Search, Quick Look and Delivery Date Virtuemart extensions.


Game store Virtuemart template brings out the hottest games in the world: Play Station 3 -4, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC to introduce to gamers. The template mobilizes users shopping experience with the integrated Quick View, Ajax Search, Quick Login and Delivery dates extensions.

Game Store Virtuemart template is designed specifically for gamers, with the most popular games such as Xbox One, PS4, PC, PS Vita, Wii U, highlighted under the main background colors as black, blue and white. Game Store Virtuemart template has a user-friendly interface, including with live actions, being implemented on sliders, hover effects, HTML 5 & CSS.

Top menu contains a number of drop-down categories blocks (games, deals, accessories, hardware, headsets…,etc). Game store has a main page slideshow to promote hot game events: Battlefield, Halo 4 War Game, Call of Duty. New products area is shown with a slider of the newest games, next and previous buttons to move slides for more games. Featured products, popular posts, gaming accessories, video gallery and banners are spreading over the game shop.

Game Store Virtuemart template has built with Quick View Virtuemart extension, Ajax Search Virtuemart plugin, Quick Login Virtuemart extension, free to use them with the template

Note: At this time our template is not responsive, we will update this funcion as soon as possible

Virtuemart Game Store Template

MORE DETAILS:  Virtuemart Game Store Template

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