Virtuemart Handmade Shop Template

Virtuemart Handmade Shop Template  a latest Virtuemart Template built especially for handmade shops which sell handmade stuffs such as clothes, jewelry, toys,…

banner - handmade

You tortured to build an handsome interface for your online shop but you dont know how to code or the outsourcing proceed is too high? Here comes the modify for you: Installing Virtuemart Handmade Shop Template for your Virtuemart website, it will solve all of your problems. With an elegant-looking layout, it will make your customers environment definitely pleasurable even if shopping  which is an important factor to boost sales revenue.

Virtuemart Handmade Shop Template is built subsequently than the latest features of CSS3 and HTML5. It is compatible in the past most of the browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari. The template in addition to has many powerful features that make it to be more convenient as below:


More Features:

– Multiple Languages and Currencies: Easy to translate or install new language and currency

– Optimized for Search Engine: Useful code elements and optimized for SEO

– Newsletter Subscribe: Subscribe Newsletter module

– Social Media buttons: Customers can totaling your social media accounts by clicking the buttons

– Easy to install Sample Data: Get your website once demo just in a few minutes

Note: You can get your hands on Virtuemart Mobile Theme separately to make the template open.

MORE DETAILS:  Virtuemart Handmade Shop Template

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